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What can Social Media do for you?

By clairenicholson | January 6, 2020

You need social media. Behind all the headlines – some more negative than others, are tools which can help revolutionise how you market your company.  More than three billion people across the world use social media every month so this is no passing trend. Yes, there are plenty of people sharing their holidays and their meals out but that doesn’t stop social media being a perfect tool to get whatever message you want out there. But how do I know what social media platform is the best?  Until you try, you’ll never know. The general rule of thumb is to put out as much content as possible on all the platforms. You shouldn’t worry about “annoying” anyone – anyone you

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Taking the stress out of exhibiting and events – warehousing, stock management and shipping for the Life Science industry

By clairenicholson | December 12, 2019

Just imagine if all your event equipment, stands, branding, giveaways and banners all turned up when and where you want it at an exhibition or event – all you have to do is provide us with a list of what you need and we do the rest. We hold client stock in a warehouse ready to ship to whatever meeting or event you need it at. We store, maintain and manage your stock – we can take anything from literature, booth equipment, demo instruments and AV equipment. How can we help? We’re always thinking of ways we can make the process easier and quicker for you. We’ve got lots of exciting plans coming in 2020 to do just that. Send

Our Top 7 Tips to Master Twitter

By clairenicholson | December 8, 2019

Social media can seem like a minefield, particularly when there’s so many other things to be doing. Read on for our top tips to master Twitter 500 million tweets are sent out each day in 2019, how do you get heard amongst the noise? Have a read of our top tips to demystify one of the world’s most popular social media channels.  1. Set your Goals… Think about who you want to connect with on Twitter. Make sure these are as specific as possible. What do you want from them – why would they benefit from seeing your content? The nature of Twitter means its really fast moving so you’ve got to stand out and people need to be benefiting

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How caring about Spiders and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can make you money

By clairenicholson | November 13, 2019

Spiders are the key to getting your content seen. Don’t believe me? Read to see how they can help. We’ll take you through some super easy SEO tips to get your website seen.   Visible content will get the message of your product out there. But how do you make it visible? The first step is to understand how search engines like google operate. You will have seen that Google provides you with essentially two “types” of result. One are the sponsored link, where a company has paid to be visible there. Sponsored links haven’t cost the company anything until someone clicks on the link. These are called PPC (pay-per-click) links. The other results are your “organic” results – simply

CRISPR- Cas9 | 60 Second Science

By clairenicholson | November 6, 2019

Science is moving forward at a rapid pace. Over the next few weeks we’ll be breaking down the headlines on our blog. Genome editing is our vehicle to changing an organism’s DNA. This means that we can add, remove or change the DNA within a sequence. We’ve developed several techniques to edit genomes, one of which is CRISPR-Cas9. There are so many exciting possibilities with these techniques. These techniques can help us understand the genetic components of so many different diseases. If we can understand the function of each gene better we’ll therefore be able to improve our treatment of illnesses and diseases with a genetic component. Potentially we’ll then continue improving the prognosis for people living with various cancers,

Using Influencer Marketing to Boost Sales

By clairenicholson | October 28, 2019

Brand perception will be a key indicator of possible future sales. Influencers could be a key factor in your future sales. Read on to find out how you can use influencers to transform your marketing strategy. YouTube and Instagram celebrities are a thing. They bring millions of people along on whatever projects they might be undertaking – big or small. Even micro-influencers – individuals with a 1,000 or more followers could help you take your marketing to the next level. Leveraging their star power can help you spread the message about your products in seconds. With a little searching, there are lots of micro-influencers, particularly within the life science industry. Harvest those ambitious minds and you’ll find that they have much

5 Ways to Maximise Your ROI at Life Science Meetings or Exhibitions

By clairenicholson | October 18, 2019

Having a presence at international exhibitions and tradeshows is so important to showcase your products to current and prospective customers. At each of these events be sure to maximise your ROI. Tradeshows and exhbitions are also really useful tools to gather competitor intelligence. Attending these events isn’t cheap so it’s crucial to optimise every stage of the process.– from pre-event planning and awareness building through to driving booth traffic, lead follow-up and analysing subsequent return on investment (ROI). Have a read of our top 5 tips to maximise your ROI. 1. Connections are key! To maximise your ROI, you want your booth and/or presentation to become a key destination at every event you attend. Cross-promotion is a really useful way