3 simple ways to integrate social media into your online event

Virtual events will help you reach your sales and marketing goals. If you want to take your virtual event up a gear, why not try integrating social media before, during and after your event?

It doesn't have to be long and complicated. Here are some simple ways you could make social media a part of your event.


1 . Promote your event on social media. 

Social media is a great tool to help boost your event registrations.  Make sure that you have an event hashtag and encourage conversation there before the event. This will help increase the event buzz and also allows fellow delegates to connect with each other before the event.


2. Embed social media onto your event platform

If social media is embedded onto your event platform, delegates will be immersed in the conversation happening around them. Be sure to advertise a hashtag so everyone's posts are grouped together.

Our virtual events will allow you to integrate your event with social media, watch videos, download literature and participate in live sessions.


3. Run a competition

This is all based on the idea of "user generated content" - basically that you can think of the content that would be most useful to you as a company and create a competition from there.

This could be as simple or as elaborate as you like. For example, you could get delegates to take a selfie of where they're watching from - or perhaps you want delegates to submit video clips with something?

This will generate you a bank of user generated content that you can then use on social media. The best bit about it is that it hasn't cost you anything in time or money to generate!

If there's no budget for a prize, don't worry! Have a think about what you're already doing. In a lot of cases - exposure could be enough of an incentive to participate as it is!


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