5 Actionable Tips to Delivering a Life Science Event

This week, we’re taking a look at our top 5 tips for delivering a life science event. They’re actionable tips to take your virtual event to the next level.

1. Start with time to spare

This gives you time to ensure your speakers are fully immersed in the conference programme. Delegate event packs are the perfect way to do this.  You’ll also have the time to explore which conference format is most appropriate for you.

2. Pick an experienced team to help make your event a reality

Our team are experienced life science professionals who understand the science behind your products. We have a range of different packages to support your event – whatever your event’s purpose or however many delegates you’d like to engage.

3. Create a balanced agenda

To create a balanced agenda, we don’t just mean building in enough breaks for your delegates so they can stay engaged but also these areas...

  • Your speakers - Do you have a good geographical spread of speakers? Is there a balance of genders?
  • Event accessibility - Can the delegates who are registered easily access your event or would they need any specialist equipment?
  • Session format - Are these presentations, breakout sessions or smaller discussions? These can all impact your delegates enjoyment of the event.



4. Find a method of financing the conference

Sponsorship is a great way to enable your event to take place in the most effective way possible. You could have a dedicated sponsor area at your event – or even have your sponsors headlining a session at your event.

If you’d like to hear more about how you could engage sponsors in your event then get in touch.

5. Engage your delegates in a variety of methods

Virtual events can take whatever form you like. Agendas which are varied, with different session formats are great to keep delegates engaged throughout the day of the conference. We have a variety of tools we use to create innovative delegate networking opportunities. Those range from text chat on your bespoke platform right the way through to games during the event itself.

Build these details into your post conference plan so you’ll continue to develop your events throughout the year and beyond.

Want to see how we can help? Send us a message info@minnac.co.uk