5 Top Tips to Master your LinkedIn profile

This week, we’re taking a look at the easy steps you can take to master your LinkedIn profile.

Follow these tips and you’ll be growing your brand visibility in no time.  

1. Use the right hashtags 

Just like any social media platform, hashtags are vital to maximise your brand visibility and master your LinkedIn. Do some searches on LinkedIn. You’ll be able to see where the popular content lies. 

Who is posting into that hashtag? Are companies using the hashtag or is it more individuals who are using it? Also look at the number of people who are following the hashtag. Hashtags with a larger following will give you additional brand visibility.  

2. Optimise the buttons on your profile 

LinkedIn provides different tools to help optimise your profile. These include buttons which allow visitors to access your website, view a promotion or perhaps send you an email.  

3. Use LinkedIn groups to grow your audiences 

LinkedIn groups offer you an opportunity to reach a specific and targeted audience for your page. Be sure to read the group rules – particularly with regards to what they call “advertising” 


4. Use your personal network to grow your page  

You’ll have a personal page with people who will be interested in your company.

Be sure to reshare content from your company page to your personal page. This will mean you’re capitalising on the audience you’ve already been able to gain.  

It's also key to optimise your personal profile. Is it immediately clear to anyone viewing your profile how you can help them?

5. Focus on the story behind your company 

Talk about your company story. What’s worked really well? LinkedIn is a great place to talk about your experiences. At the end of the day there’s a group of people behind your company – LinkedIn is the place to talk about them!  

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