5 Ways to Maximise Your ROI at Life Science Meetings or Exhibitions

Having a presence at international exhibitions and tradeshows is so important to showcase your products to current and prospective customers. At each of these events be sure to maximise your ROI.

Tradeshows and exhbitions are also really useful tools to gather competitor intelligence. Attending these events isn’t cheap so it’s crucial to optimise every stage of the process.– from pre-event planning and awareness building through to driving booth traffic, lead follow-up and analysing subsequent return on investment (ROI). Have a read of our top 5 tips to maximise your ROI.

1. Connections are key!

To maximise your ROI, you want your booth and/or presentation to become a key destination at every event you attend. Cross-promotion is a really useful way of raising awareness. Event organisers will normally have a promotional website for their event ― put a link to it on your website event page! Depending on your level of sponsorship or relationship with the event organiser, they may add a link back to your website.

Obtaining these vital backlinks from other trusted websites offers a powerful tool to enhance the ranking of your website. This will help you gain greater online exposure and high-quality backlinks which is a key ranking factor.

Events aren’t just about finding new customers; they are also key activities for strengthening relationships with existing customers and expanding your network. Reach out to your relevant customer database (particularly those geographically close to the event) and arrange to meet. Not only is this a great way to reconnect with your customers but it is much more cost-efficient than meeting each one individually at a later date.

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Event speakers tend to be recognised experts and thought-leaders in their field. Connect with those people! Develop relationships with these people to help with future promotion - could they be interviewed for a future blog post? They might even be willing to share your event landing page in return for a bit of promotion from you.

2. Plan ahead to get people engaged

Set yourself targets for the event. You can measure the success of your event against these targets. How many new leads do you want to capture? Who do you want to connect with? Make sure that your event/booth staff are suitably trained to help you fulfil your targets and maximise your ROI.

Getting people excited about your products impacts the leads you’ll get at the event. It will also help to drive the traffic in the longer term. Kickstart the conversation by getting online content out there at least 4 weeks before the event starts. Start by sending emails to relevant contacts about the event. Put out social media posts where you can, advertising your presence at the event. Ask the event organisers how they will promote your attendance. You could collaborate through social media posts or email campaigns to drive your engagement at the event.

Give people as many opportunities to talk to you as possible. Creating a landing page on your website which gives attendees all the information they need will maximise awareness and attendance. Make sure you include information about you, your products and how to get in contact. Why are you relevant to the attendees?  An online form which allows delegates to book an appointment with you at your stand could be a really useful tool. Don’t forget to tell people your stand number!

3. Create a buzz

Make your stand as engaging as possible. Gamification, an on-stand presentation or competition are all lead retrieval devices which will help people to remember you. Everyone loves a giveaway! Encouraging giveaway winners to post a picture on social media will get your brand out to their networks too. Whichever device you choose, take as many pictures as possible which you can use on your website and social media. Remember that when you leave the event you can still drive further traffic by posting about what you got up to!

If you’re speaking at the event ― plug your stand! Leave people with questions they want to ask you later on. This could be done verbally but even putting a stand number and website on each of your slides can help to drive the traffic.

4. Keep people updated and interested!

At the event and online tell people what you’re doing. For people who aren’t attending, what are they missing out on? How can they get in contact with you? This is important to maximise your ROI. How about writing a blog post for your website after each day of the event? If you don’t have a blog, then a post each day on social media could work. Be sure to tag the event on every piece of social media content. That way attendees can see what you’re up to and then visit your stand. Make sure you follow up each of your leads and focus your online promotion to engage that particular audience.

Make sure you record your event evaluations so next year you can continue to improve.

Record your event evaluations so you can improve for next year.

5. Revisit, Refine and Follow-Up

Don’t forget to follow up on your leads too. Lead forms - whether they’re electronic or on paper are vital to capture the required information about potential new customers. After the event, order your leads by priority and follow-up all of them promptly within a week.

Check out Google Analytics from your website and social media insights after your event. What pages got the most traffic? Use this information to refine your content and fill in the gaps where you think you can improve. This might feel time consuming but in the longer term it can help you capitalise on an event and resulting engagement.

How can we help?

At Minnac Marketing, we can take care of your company’s presence at these events. From shipment to speaker management we can add value where you need it most. Take a look at this page if you’d like more information. We have so much experience with writing engaging copy which can help you create and close out leads - get in touch to see how we can help you.