Are you part of your industry's conversation? 

Social media is so much more than ad-hoc posting. It’s also much more than simply boosting your follower count. A good social media strategy relies on creating a social media presence capable of influencing your audience. Ultimately, this means that your audience becomes beneficial for your overall business goals. 

If used effectively, social media is a tool to allow you to not only reach your customers but be at the centre of your industry’s discussion. 

From social media groups to the right hashtags there are so many tools available to you. Here are three tips to ensure you’re establishing yourself at the centre of your industry.

  1. Check your follows and mentions daily

It’s crucial to keep checking your follows and mentions as there could always be some surprises!  Most mentions you get on social media will be worth resharing - it shows people are interacting with your company.

2. Check key hashtags

Have there been any new developments? Any content which is getting lots of interaction can help inform decisions about future content. You can also identify posts that you’d like to reply to. Each interaction, like, follow all accumulate to increase your brand visibility on social media.



3. Follow your customers and KOLs

Seeing what your KOLs are posting is key to identifying not only the hot topics but it’s also good to see what your audience is interested in. If you’d like to boost your mentions, what are your audience engaging with? Have a think about how you could build this into your overall social media strategy.

For help and support as to how you can implement these tips have a look at the social media packages we offer or email us here.