Data from virtual conferences will help you achieve your sales and marketing goals

The data that you can obtain from a virtual conference can help you do so many things. Whether you’d like to use them to help achieve your sales and marketing goals or maybe even run CPD activities – we can help design and deliver your next innovative online event.

Virtual events can help you reach more people than ever before. Your delegates will be able to get involved in a wide variety of activities at your online event.

Our virtual events will allow you to integrate your event with social media, watch videos, download literature and participate in live sessions.


Why not give sponsors a dedicated booth?  

If you're engaging sponsors in your event, then dedicated sponsor areas may be your answer. Sponsors can store content in these areas, such as interactive demos.

In these areas, sponsors can provide literature such as leaflets or instruction manuals. Alongside this, delegates could be able to get in touch with a representative from the company for more information. Contact forms can allow sponsors to collect leads.

Make use of the broad analytics available after the event…

After an event day is finished, we can make use of a whole range of analytics available to help you achieve your marketing and sales goals.

You could take a closer look at the demographic of your attendees. This may range from the geographical distribution of your delegates to the precise activity or each delegate once they are on the event platform.

If your virtual events are a series of CPD activities - login data could help you to authenticate certificates.

Want to see more of what virtual conferences could do for you? Get in touch here.

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