Integrated social media campaigns create a positive impact on your other marketing efforts. They're a great tool to engage your target market segments. Here are the steps you need to complete to develop a social media strategy.

1. Decide your target market segments

Social media campaigns rely on posting with an element of predictability. Your followers are more likely to keep coming back to your content if they know what to expect. This doesn’t mean posting the same content, but see whether you can group your content into themes. This can then help you develop a strategy and come up with the ideas to post.

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2. Investigate what’s on social media

See what people are posting on social media. Building a social media presence doesn’t rely on purely your own content. Quite the opposite - you need to be networking on social media. See what others are doing to help carve out your own niche.


3. Build up a bank of content

Don’t try and post ad-hoc. Look at a couple of weeks - focus on getting these right.  This could be articles you'd like to reshare or articles for your blog. You’ll then have a model to replicate for future weeks.

4. Adapt and evolve your strategy

Through monitoring success on your platforms you’ll start to know what’s working and what isn’t. You can do more of the posts which have greater success.  Take a look at your follower demographics. Are they who you'd expect? Is there interest on your channels that you can capitalise on? 


5. Can you come up with a schedule?

A certain element of predictability is key to building an audience. People want to know what to expect. What will your audiences gain from following you on social media.

Different people use social media for different things - at different times of the day. It’s vital to use this knowledge to prioritise your highest value messages. This might be a page on your website you’d like to promote or a blog post. Perhaps you have a promotion you'd like to advertise? You can then build the rest of the weeks’ content around this.


We can work with you to develop your social media strategy.  You can have confidence that we’ll deliver high impact messaging. You won’t have to worry about the content which is scheduled.