Why can Google Tag Manager (GTM) help you to reach your sales and marketing goals?  

If you’ve used Google Analytics but haven’t yet ventured into using then Google Tag Manager can provide the answers.  

Maybe you have a PDF you’d like to track downloads of – or views of a video? This is all something that Google Tag Manager can help with. If you're in possession of this information you can use it to optimise the content that you have on your website. You'll be able to make use of the content which provides the most engagement in return. 


So what does GTM do? Why should you use GTM? 

Once installed, GTM inserts JavaScript and HTML tags into a container which has been placed onto every page of your website.  

It can help track "events" on your website. This could be clicks on a link or engagement such as scrolling on your website. We have used GTM to track clicks on an interactive image map during an event. The possibilities are endless!


It’s simple  

GTM has a variety of template tags to choose from. This means that it doesn’t require a developer to implement it. In a few minutes you can have tags and events set up to record activity on your website. 

GTM is all about security 

Google automatically scans all tracking scripts added with Custom HTML tags in GTM accounts and pauses if they match a known malware domain, IP address, or URL. Additionally, you can control who has access to your GTM accounts and can revoke access at any time. 

What future does GTM have?  

There’s an active community who are continually looking to improve functionality and use different tools. It’s a vital tool to be using alongside