How do you measure social media success?

Monitoring your progress as a life science company on social media is complicated. Where are your audiences on social media? How do you know if they’re engaged or what even is engagement? This week on our blog we’re taking a look at our top 3 tips for monitoring (and maximising) your social media progress.


  1. How many followers do your competitors have?

In a world where influencers could have millions and millions of followers it’s important to see what your competitors are doing.

How engaged are those followers? Remember that a company could have thousands of followers but not have people reading and engaging with your content. Across the social media platforms you may find that you’re presented with engagement rates as percentages. This website provides a good initial overview on what counts as a good engagement rate – and how you can improve it!


If your competitors have really good engagement - what are they doing well? Apply what you've learned to your own account.


  1. Create ambitious but achievable targets

The best targets are created with about 3 months of data.

When you’re deciding your targets think about what metric is important for your business. Is it creating conversation with your customers? Or is it about increasing your brand visibility? If you know this you’ll be able to decide the best metrics to use.

There's so many different metrics you can use to

3.  Listen twice as much as you speak

You may have heard this saying in general conversation but the same is true for social media. Social media platforms all have different tools to help you see what your industry and audience are talking about. This is called the process of social listening. There’s tips and tricks out there that will help you anticipate an issue before anyone has even noticed.

Social listening allows you to see what people are talking about. If done correctly - could even help you out when it comes to identifying new business opportunities.

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