How have virtual events evolved in 2020? 

2020 was the year that everything went online and the year that the virtual event came alive and is now valued at an astonishing $78 billion dollars. In this post, we’re taking a look back at what happened – and what the future looks like.

Before 2020, many of us had never even heard of Zoom and throughout the year, we’ve pivoted towards being able to provide a real delegate experience.

Virtual events are so much more than just watching online videos. You can provide your delegates with an immersive experience using just some of:


  • Professional live streaming of sessions
  • Integration with social media
  • Posters
  • Live networking throughout your event.


Virtual events have been shown to have a huge positive impact on your reach. You’re able to reach wider demographics and maybe engage speakers who couldn’t otherwise have attended the in-person events. Hosting a digital event could also have a positive impact on your bottom line.


Throughout 2020 and beyond we’re always looking to optimise the networking opportunities we’re able to offer during the events. This, of course feeds into the need to keep the delegates engaged throughout the event period. There are a wealth of tools to engage your delegates in activities beyond the sessions you’re providing. Get in contact to see how we can help maximise your delegate experience.


What does the future hold?

As the vaccine rollout begins – we believe that virtual events are here to stay long after the COVID-19 pandemic has ended. Hybrid events will offer us the ability to create unique delegate experiences  - bridging the gap between the real and virtual world.

Get in contact if you’d like to explore the opportunities you have available to you in 2021.