Make on-demand content work for your business goals 

When you’ve put so much work into making your virtual or hybrid event a success – why not capitalise on the engagement you’ve created, long after the event has finished?  


On-demand content can help to form the most innovative event possible  

You might like to switch up the layout of your event once it’s over. Or perhaps you’d like to use the same platform for future events? Once you have the platform set up, it’s much easier to substitute sessions for future event. You’ll be setting up your delegates with much needed familiarity.  

You could use on demand content as box set training – allowing delegates to get to grips with your products at a time to suit them. You could combine the on-demand content with live (or not!) Q&As to ensure your delegates are fully immersed in your offering.  


Integrate your on-demand content with other marketing activities  

If your content is going on demand, be sure to integrate this into your other marketing campaigns to maximise the traffic to your site. This could be through social media, a notice on your website or an email listing.  


Use your on-demand content to enhance your event analytics  

We can combine your on-demand content with the detailed analytics we’re able to take from your event. You’ll be able to gain a deeper understanding of how your delegates are consuming your event – and, ultimately, how to generate those all-important leads.  

Have you been tasked with delivering an event this year and beyond? Whether you’d like to pursue a virtual, hybrid or physical event, we’re here to help make your event one delegates will remember long after it has finished. Contact us here.