Are you fully optimising your Instagram profile to maximise your brand visibility? Instagram now has a range of features which are perfect to optimise your account for the life science industry. We've put together some top tips to make use of these tools from Instagram to help convey your brand message.

Start optimising your profile by using an Instagram specific biography link. These help share URLs with your followers. Try something like Link tree or ‘Link in bio’ . 

Instagram highlights are great to expand the information stored on your profile.  Each Instagram highlight could store information on one aspect of your company. This means your audience can scroll through the information that is most relevant and interesting to them at a glance.

Contained within Instagram highlights are Instagram stories which are saved to your profile. Instagram describes these as “share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile”.  As they’re only visible for 24 hours, followers can be much keener to see the content. This can lead to higher engagement. Instagram stories can use tools such as polls and Q&As to widen opportunities for audience engagement.

Hashtags - similarly to other platforms enable you to reach more people. It’s vital to pick hashtags that are added to approximately every 30 minutes. Picking the right hashtags to use will optimise your brand visibility without being lost in the noise of social media. You could create a specific and branded hashtag to encourage your followers to tag and share content with you?

You have the option of adding video content to Instagram. Video content, although not vital, can help you maximise the visual appeal of your Instagram account. Instagram uses a platform called IGTV to share videos. IGTV is a bit like Youtube, users can upload long videos which are then saved and viewable from your profile. Users can then see your video when they go onto your profile or click in an Instagram story. If you’d like to upload your first IGTV video visit this link .

And finally, are you posting enough? You need to be posting enough on social media to maximise your brand visibility. The right amount for your company could be as much as once every day during the working week. It’s crucial to time your posts when Instagram receives optimal engagement. SproutSocial has put together this graphic to help understand what the best times on Instagram are to post.

Flexibility is key when optimising Instagram, or any social media profile for that matter. Keep an eye on your analytics - figure out what’s working and what isn’t to help continue to improve your following.


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