Our Top 7 Tips to Master Twitter

Social media can seem like a minefield, particularly when there’s so many other things to be doing. Read on for our top tips to master Twitter

500 million tweets are sent out each day in 2019, how do you get heard amongst the noise? Have a read of our top tips to demystify one of the world’s most popular social media channels. 

1. Set your Goals...

Think about who you want to connect with on Twitter. Make sure these are as specific as possible. What do you want from them - why would they benefit from seeing your content? The nature of Twitter means its really fast moving so you’ve got to stand out and people need to be benefiting from following you. If you don’t do this, then it’s likely that they’ll either unfollow or they just won’t read your content.

Ask yourself the question - ‘what does success mean to you?’.  It might not be getting a certain number of followers, remember you want your followers to be really engaged with your content. If you’re a life science company, create a mini profile of your ideal follower. What budgets will they have? What content will they be posting on social media? What can they learn from us?  


2. Keep it unique.


The first step is to make sure you’re keeping your content varied. Don’t just use the retweet button, add images and videos to vary the format of your tweets. If you are doing lots of retweets use the “quote tweet” button. This means you can add a comment on the tweet so your content becomes a bit more interesting to your followers. 


3. Post more than you think


Particularly on Twitter, don’t worry about “spamming” your followers. The nature of Twitter means if someone follows loads of accounts then they have a job to read each individual tweet anyway. As long as you keep the content type varied, you won’t annoy them! On the off chance you do, they won’t be your customers anyway! For Twitter, I’d suggest you post at least once a day. If you happen to be live tweeting an event, post as often as you need to! 


4. Capitalise on trending topics


All day, every day Twitter has trending topics. These are things users are posting lots about. I can guarantee ‘#HappyChristmas’ will be trending on 25th December and the day Brexit is finally resolved ‘#Brexit’ will also be trending! On the main Twitter page people can look through the trending topics and tweets associated with it.

How can your business be linked to the trending topics? Remember that sending out a tweet is free! You’ll get some tweets which get more engagement than others, and that’s okay! 


5. Time your posts for maximum impact - schedule your tweets! 


We’ve all got busy lives so scheduling your content means you can plan ahead! It also means you can reach your international customers while they’re actually in the office. A quick google of “schedule your tweets” will bring up a whole load of software you can use to do it. 

If your tweet is likely to need (or benefit from) people in work then make sure it goes out when they’ll be in the office. If it’s just other interesting content go for somewhere around 6-7pm. This gives people a chance to get back home and might be when they’re scrolling through social media after work. 


6. Research the competition and follow your target audience! 


If you’re new to Twitter, look up your competition. Remember you want to carve out your own unique space on Twitter but that won’t stop you looking at their accounts! What hashtags are they using? What kind of pictures are they posting? Keep in mind what they’re doing and how you’d improve it when it comes to your own competition! 

Remember each time you hit that follow button, it’s almost like a mini advert for the fact that a) you exist and b) this is where they can find your content. Every so often it’s a good idea to have a look through the list of people you follow. Is this person or company active? Is this account posting interesting content which you benefit from? If the answer is no to either of those questions it’s time to hit that ‘unfollow’ button. 


7. Pin your tweet


Twitter offers a great tool to keep some information towards the top of your profile. When you send a tweet out there’s a pin symbol. This means that you can tweet out an announcement and pin it to your profile. You could use this to expand on your biography too. 

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