Are you struggling to pick the right hashtags for social media?

Hashtags can be a minefield. There's a hashtag for literally everything on social media. Have a read through our tips and tricks to start using the best hashtags in your social media posts.


What is a hashtag?

Hashtags store content on social media in one place. This means that someone who’s interested in a particular topic can click on the hashtag and see similar content on social media. Hashtags are used differently depending on what platform they’re used.


How does engagement change with hashtags?

Engagement is created through users seeing content they're interested in. That's why your hashtags need to stay relevant. One example of this is that Twitter engagement increases with fewer hashtags. If you use fewer hashtags on a platform apart from Instagram, you're likely to be more selective and therefore pick more relevant hashtags.


How do I pick hashtags for Instagram?

However, Instagram posts can have up to 30 hashtags. There are a number of different tactics you can take. The first of these options involve researching popular hashtags. Make a note of the hashtags which are related to both the content you’re posting and your company as a whole.  Group them into these categories and chose 10 from each of these groups to add alongside your posts.

  • 1 x 10 large hashtags (those that contain more than 100K posts)
  • 1 x 10 medium hashtags (those that contain up to 10K-100K posts)
  • 1 x 10 small hashtags (those that contain up to 10K posts)

Other tactics take a look at a good spread of hashtags between which are broad and those that are more specific. This is, for example, the difference between #science and #exosomes. Some of the best hashtags to post in are those which are added to every 30 minutes or so. This means your content won’t be quickly lost.


Flexibility is key


It’s important to remember hashtags aren’t all about the content of the post itself. Think about who your audience is. What are they interested in? What hashtags are they posting? Use a selection of these in your own posts.


It’s also important to keep an eye on these hashtags as time moves forward. There may be trends which emerge or world news events which create new areas of interest on social media. When this happens, it’s vital to push your social media content to those areas.