Promoted content - is it worth it?


You could spend thousands on promoted content, but what is it? Why use it? What benefits might it give me? 

Most of the social media platforms allow you to create promoted content - ads essentially, to help grow your following and amplify your reach. You don’t need a big budget for this - start by picking an amount, from about £10 and upwards. Your money only decreases when you get engagement - so likes and comments back.

But do likes and comments translate into leads? There’s no exact science but paid advertising means you can really enhance your targeting. You can get your adverts seen by the people who can give you those leads. Pick your ideal client - think about everything from their age to wider interests. Select these options when you set up your ads. If you can, keep changing your promoted content depending on how people are engaging with the advert. This keeps it fresh and you’ll keep creating meaningful engagement which all goes towards building up the wider image of your company.

It’s important to remember that people do follow brands on social media. Paid advertising, though not always necessary will help you reach specific people on social media and keep growing your engagement.

How can we help? 

We offer a range of services to help you manage and maintain your social media presence. If you’re not sure where to start then we offer a Kickstarter Plan. This means you can try out all of the social media services we offer for a month. If you’re ready to get started on a more long term basis then get in touch.