How caring about Spiders and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can make you money

Spiders are the key to getting your content seen. Don’t believe me? Read to see how they can help. We'll take you through some super easy SEO tips to get your website seen.


Visible content will get the message of your product out there. But how do you make it visible? The first step is to understand how search engines like google operate. You will have seen that Google provides you with essentially two “types” of result. One are the sponsored link, where a company has paid to be visible there. Sponsored links haven’t cost the company anything until someone clicks on the link. These are called PPC (pay-per-click) links. The other results are your “organic” results - simply based on the content you have on the website.

Returning those organic results rely on spiders - not the scary sort though! These are programmes that “crawl” across the internet, investigating every website and interconnecting link to report back the most relevant search queries. Though there’s a catch! They can’t access any content which needs data entered into any sort of field first. So if you have newsletters, PDF whitepapers or similar content sat behind a login screen you’ll get no SEO benefits from it. No SEO benefits means you’ll have a lower Google ranking and people won’t see your content! 

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How do I know if spiders are picking my site up?


There’s a simple test you can carry out. Take a portion of text - maybe a sentence or two from your website. Pick something which relates specifically to what you want to sell. Paste it into Google. If it’s searchable, your website should be fairly high up the rankings. To be sure you’re getting accurate results, do this test in an Incognito tab on your web browser. This will make sure your results aren’t being impacted by your previous search history. Once you’ve hit the search button the spiders will get to work indexing every word they can access on your site. They note pretty much everything about your text - factors like proximity of all the words in your content - position in the text, size and links. They’ll use this information to determine what topics in the Google database are relevant for your site.

Want to improve your Google ranking? 


Remember your website has two audiences - the humans and the spiders! For the spiders - think about your ranking being influenced by two groups of factors. The “on-page” and “off-page” factors.“On-page” factors are things like article text, links, captions and images. Everything “off-page” is everything like descriptions page titles and tags. As a general principle, follow this mnemonic:


Fresh - Keep it fresh and unique, Google prefers websites with regularly updated content. 

Organised - Create categories and segments on your website. Make it easy to navigate. 

Uniqueness - Make sure your content can’t be found on other websites. 

Relevant - Stay specific to your niche. Use your tags and have your audience in mind with every aspect of your website production.  

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How can we help?


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