Without conversation, social media doesn’t exist. To keep your platforms engaging, fun and interesting for your audience, you need to be talking to them! Social media strategy relies on creating conversation. Read on to discover how you can be part of that conversation.

Contributing to conversations that are already happening is a great way to get started. Finding this conversation is called social listening. It’s the process of monitoring social channels for industry and brand conversations in real-time.

This could be daunting to begin with, but start off by investigating the hashtags relevant to your company. Look at the hashtags with a range in quantity of posts within them. Ideally you want to be looking at hashtags that have new posts to them every 30 minutes or so. Any more than that and your content is likely to get lost.

How can you contribute to the conversation? This could be as simple as adding a well done message to a post or building into the discussion information about what you offer as a company. There’s no set timescale to this - keeping it free-flowing and natural is the key to this. Remember that each time someone sees your content on social media they’re reminded of your name. That’s before they’ve even started reading the content you’ve written.

Social media strategy relies on engaging in conversation - but why not create it? 

If you’re struggling to find the content already happening - why not create it? Each of the social media platforms have tools to help you keep the conversation going. You could create a poll or maybe even a quiz to keep people interested. 

The 70/20/10 rule can help you keep your audience engaged with the right mix between this conversation and your other content. This states that essentially 70% of your content should be fun, interesting and engaging. 20% should be sharing other people’s messages. Think of this like developing your trust. You’re placing more weight to the 10% of your content which should be direct sales messages. There’s no right or wrong way to spark the conversation. Ultimately, keep a close eye on your social media analytics to see what’s working and what’s not working. As long as you make changes as a result of what you see on your analytics then you will continue to grow your social media audience and engagement level. These are the two key factors that will increase your ROI and generate those all important sales-ready leads.