These are the 3 things you need before starting with social media

Social media can seem confusing but it’s important to not get overwhelmed. This week we’re taking a look at the three most important elements to get together before starting with social media. 

  1. Branding Guidelines

Branding is crucial to master before starting to generate social media content. Guidelines include the exact colours used across your website and other promotional materials. Fonts and font sizes are also good to know too.  


It’s important to remember that social media platforms - whatever you decide to use - is your front-facing brand. Posting on social media is also giving your audiences a reminder of your company at times when they’re not in “work mode”. This means your content needs to be as unique and memorable as possible. 


We create branded templates for our clients to use on their social media content. This helps to direct people across different social media platforms. Some of your audience may initially encounter you on one platform but prefer to follow you on another. These templates also help to create a recognisable feel to your content wherever (and whenever) they might see it.


2. Your target market

Knowing your target market segments will help you to pick the platforms you want to use on social media. If these aren’t clear to you already - we can work with you to decide who they are and therefore the appropriate social media strategy.  All our social media packages come alongside a “discovery call” where we can take a look at what you might already be doing on social media and what direction you’d like to take it in. 

Each of your target market segments will be using social media differently - for different reasons and at different times of the day. Some social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram for example help to keep your content visible for longer. Platforms like Twitter are bombarded with thousands of tweets every second - so posting once a week won’t be anywhere near often enough to keep building your audience. 

The most important thing is to have identified market segments you’d like to target and remain open and flexible to when/what and how you use each of the social media platforms. 

3. What you want to say

Social media is such a powerful tool to drive conversation around your brand. It’s the quickest method of communication and enables you to be immersed in your industry’s conversation. 

To make full use of this powerful tool - think about what you want to say on the various platforms. This might be content which drives traffic to your website or maybe you want to drive a community around your business. In addition to our general monthly social media reports we provide to our clients, we can also report on the number of social referrals to your website. This means the number of people who have reached your website as a result of the social media traffic. 

Above all - remember that social media is one of the most flexible methods of communication. It’s totally up to you what you want to say - be unique!