Virtual Conferences

Are you looking to move your existing conference online? Would you like to lower your events’ environmental impact whilst making it more accessible to all?

We offer complete organisation of your virtual conferences - from concept to execution. Our scientific background means we can fully understand your needs and what resonates with your market segment. We recommend that virtual conferences last 2 days with between 4 and 5 hours each day. Whether you’re looking to rework a pre-existing physical event or design and execute a new event we can help.

Your conference could have:

  • Live, pre-recorded or simulated event
  • Live streaming of existing event
  • Fully customisable rooms, designed to make it look like your desired venue
  • Live and Q&A Sessions and panel sessions
  • Multi track agenda or personalised agenda
  • Multiple sessions happening simultaneously
  • GDPR compliant
  • Downloadable documents alongside sessions
  • Live social media interaction during the event
  • Music to create the buzz you’d have with a physical event
  • Interactive poster presentations with the chance for delegates to submit questions
  • Exhibits hall
  • Live product demos
  • Conference platform in multiple languages

Our team are experienced life science specialists so whether you'd like to change a physical event to a virtual or design something new we can make this happen. Click the button below for a show reel of our events or for more information.