Take your virtual event to the next level to keep the event buzz going. 

Virtual conferences are a perfect tool to reach more people than ever before. It’s cheaper and significantly reduces your environmental impact. But how can you take your event one step further than just joining a Zoom room? How can you make people remember your event, long after it has ended? Here are our top tips to take your virtual event to the next level. 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to your virtual conference platform. We can help you simulate the different areas you may expect to see in a physical conference whilst maximising your ROI. 

Social media can help you bridge the gap between a physical and virtual event. You’re able to use it to create a buzz and keep it going long after the conference has ended. Use an event hashtag to make it easy to find your event content on social media. Hashtags are also a great way of encouraging people to talk about your event. This will get the conversation going on social media. It will also get delegates sharing your event with their own networks. 

One of the great things about a virtual event is that anyone, anywhere in the world can attend. A mix of live and pre-recorded content can help keep your delegates engaged. A good mix of the two means you can maximise opportunities for delegates in other time zones to take part. During your sessions, you may find that using moderators are a great way to keep your sessions fast paced. They are also perfect for helping to manage an individual or panel Q&A effectively. 

Make your event just like a physical conference to take your virtual event to the next level. 

Just because you’re not in a physical space doesn’t mean you can’t have a poster room. Delegates could browse a poster room from the comfort of their living room. Short lightning talks could accompany some or all of the posters. Just as the moderated Q&A in sessions, delegates are able to submit questions to poster presenters. 

Product tables can help you maximise your ROI. Delegates are able to click on individual parts of a table to access content. This could be leaflets, how-to-guides or a product demo. 

You can simulate the networking environments that would feature in a physical conference setting. On our platforms, delegates are able to network 24/7 during the conference period. You are able to create Facebook-style instant messaging chat groups. These are great tools  to spark conversation between delegates with similar interests. You could create a group to discuss a particular topic. Delegates can continue using the platform after the conference has long since ended so you’re able to keep the event spark going. 

Want to know more about virtual events? You’re more than welcome to send us a message, on here or social media to find out what virtual events can do for you.