Want to kickstart your social media presence?


Whether you have already created your social media platforms or you're completely new to the social media world, we can help. Our team are experienced life science professionals so understand your target audience and how to grow it, all whilst generating those all important sales-ready leads. 


Our Kickstarter plan means you can try all our social media services for a month. Once the month is up, we will help you to decide the most effective long term strategy for your social media presence. The package allows you to pick some or all of these services:

  • Assessment of current social media platforms. We’ll take a look at your current platforms. What are you doing well? Where could you improve to build your audience further?
  • 1 month of content generation on social media platforms of your choice. We’ll post and write the content for you - whether that's on LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  • We’ll follow up the month of content with a statistical breakdown of how we’ve improved and begun expanding your audiences
  • We’ll make our recommendations for trends you should be following and how this can impact your content going forward.

Like the sound of this? 


Get in touch for more information or to get started with one of our social media plans. If you're after something a bit more long term, we can help with that too. Check out our social media page for more details.