What can Social Media do for you?

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You need social media. Behind all the headlines - some more negative than others, are tools which can help revolutionise how you market your company. 

More than three billion people across the world use social media every month so this is no passing trend. Yes, there are plenty of people sharing their holidays and their meals out but that doesn’t stop social media being a perfect tool to get whatever message you want out there.

But how do I know what social media platform is the best? 

Until you try, you’ll never know. The general rule of thumb is to put out as much content as possible on all the platforms. You shouldn’t worry about “annoying” anyone - anyone you do that to wouldn’t be your customer anyway, so you’ve not lost anything!

It’s also really important to use various analytic tools to monitor your growth on social media. Most platforms have inbuilt analytics tools.You’ll be able to look at the success of each individual post and then focus your content on what has worked the best.

As a general rule of thumb, use LinkedIN for content which may lead to business decisions. Make sure you post during the working week on here. Twitter is perfect for short, quick fire content. Quantity is key with Twitter - millions of tweets are sent each day so tweets are easily lost in a users timeline. Facebook is perfect for building social networks of “real people” - the person when they’re not at work.

Make sure you make the content here something someone would find interesting when they’re home from work. Instagram is the best for photo sharing - use lots of hashtags and keep using Instagram stories to maximise the amount of people who can see your content. 

How can we help?

We can help you create and implement your social media plan. We can work with you to decide the best strategy and content to get your message out there. We’ll also manage your social media platforms for you. We believe it’s important to monitor trends across social media and analyse how your accounts are stacking up across each of the social media platforms - we can do this too! Send us an email info@minnac.co.uk to see how we can help you.