Here are 5 reasons why life scientists need social media 

Social media should be a vital tool in your marketing kit. When your company is so rapidly evolving and playing a vital role in the field of science as a whole, it's easy to overlook social media. Despite that, we are passionate believers that social media is here to stay and embracing it is the best way forward.


It's an immediate, direct line to your audience 

If you’ve got something you want to say - you’re a post away from saying it. Maybe you have a webinar you want to advertise – instances like these make social media great for last minute reminders.

It’s also free, yes you could spend as much as you like on paid advertising – but to build an audience that engages with you and your company, you don’t need to pay.


You’re fully in control of what you want to say

You’re not relying on the messaging someone else may provide. You’re in total (and complete) control.  You can network with every sort of stakeholder - from customers to distributors and suppliers.

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Social media evolves with you.

The beauty of social media is that it’s not permanent. There’s hundreds and thousands of messages sent out each day on social media. Although this does mean you need to be extra conscious of standing out from the crowd, it does mean that each social media post – on the whole is treated in isolation.  This means that it can evolve with you – when your message changes, your content does the same.


Social media enhances how reliable and trustworthy you’re seen as.

Trustworthiness is the backbone to the science field as a whole, so why wouldn’t you want to carry this through in your marketing strategy?

The content you post will also help you to do this.  You can use it to establish or enhance your position as a leader within your field.


Social media makes you appear more reachable.

If a customer has a question – you’re just a tweet or a post away. Gone are the days of potentially waiting days for an email response.  You can also use social media as a chance to create a cohesive marketing strategy for the whole of your company. Think about how other marketing materials such as leaflets or email lists could fit into your social media content.


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