Why should you care about the social media algorithm?

Did you know that the social media posts you see aren't just based on when they were posted?


Each social media platform has its own complex algorithm to decide what content you'll be most interested in.


Here’s how each of the algorithms for the social media platforms work:

  • LinkedIn works to prioritise connection strength and engagement to showcase quality business content.
  • Facebook works to prioritise meaningful interactions to generate friendly conversations.
  • Instagram’s algorithm prioritises quality and relevancy to display the best content.
  • Twitter prioritises timing and relevancy to give users the most relevant content

How is the order of the content determined?

Each item of content in a timeline or user news feed is ordered based on a number of factors.

The order of the posts is then dictated through assessing the inventory of all posts available to show in a user’s news feed. What is the content about? The algorithm also predicts how your followers will react to the content. This then allows a final score to be assigned with all the factors considered.

How can you optimise your social media content for these algorithms?

There is no magic answer to this. The first thing is to post consistently. If something isn’t working it’s crucial to switch up your approach. Keep an eye on updates to the algorithm for more details – and we can also help maximise your opportunities & brand visibility. Get in touch to see how we can help.