Why should you use Instagram highlights? 

If you’re a science company using Instagram then there’s a wealth of tools out there to help you fully optimise your account. If you optimise each area, you’ll be able to share journal articles and effectively showcase each aspect of what your company offers. The best way to do this is by using Instagram stories. According to Instagram one-third of the platform's most-viewed Stories are from businesses.


…. but what are Instagram stories?


They’re a different type of Instagram post – designed to allow you to share the more “unfiltered” moments of your day. They consist of a slide show of vertical images or videos. Each ‘page’ of a Story lasts for just 10 seconds. Anything longer than 10 seconds – like a video will just be uploaded as multiple ‘pages’ to Instagram.

Instagram stories are viewable for 24 hours unless you save them to your profile before the time is up. These are saved to one of your ‘highlights’.


….. and what are Instagram highlights?


Once you’ve saved the Instagram story to your profile they’ll appear in a “highlight”. Think of these like folders on your computer. You can select which of your Instagram highlights go into


What are Instagram stories used for?

Brands often use this feature to highlight a photo or video that’s important to them. This could be highlighting a product, article or piece of research. Users also can use this function to share their most recent posts.

The idea is that there are loads of Instagram users who spend time clicking through Instagram stories from both people they follow and people they don’t. There are so many features specific to Instagram stories that can help make your content more interesting.

How many of these features have you used?

  • GIF stickers
  • Text overlays
  • Filters
  • Interactive features like polls and quizzes.
  • Tags to mention other users.

Instagram highlights will help you to reach more accounts on Instagram and improve your ROI. You’ll give users content to explore when they first click on your profile. Context, with social media is so key to growing your social media.

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